Adoption Activity Days

Adoption Activity Days

Last year 118 children were adopted as a result of attending an Adoption Activity Day.

Adoption Activity Days are a way of prospective adopters being more actively involved in finding children. The days are designed to be child-centred, relaxed days on which children can have fun.

Prospective adopters can meet children and establish whether or not they feel an emotional connection. The children that normally attend Adoption Activity Days are those children that tend to wait longer for adoptive families.

Angela and Sulabh met Leonardo at an adoption activity day in 2020 and became a family in 2021.

Watch more families share how they were brought together by adoption activity days here.

What to expect

Adoption Activity Days usually have a theme and all attending will be invited to dress up. Popular themes include: my favourite character, superheroes, pirates and the circus. Children have a free choice of activities and there are opportunities for prospective adopters to join in.

When you attend an Adoption Activity Day there will be a short briefing at the beginning of the day where you will be given more information about the event and the children in attendance. After the briefing, you will join the children and take part in various games and activities. There will be about two hours of free play and then there will be a break to get something to eat – followed by an entertainment show.

At the end of the Adoption Activity Day, you will be asked which children you are interested in finding out more information about and to complete a feedback form. You will also have the opportunity to leave positive written messages for the children you have met.

An Adoption Activity Day is an emotive event; you may feel excited, anxious and a little apprehensive. Meeting so many children who are waiting for a loving family can be an overwhelming experience. On the day if you have a question or feel a bit unsure, talk to your social worker, staff or volunteers.

Single adopters are welcome to bring somebody from their close support network with them and this will need to be included on the referral form completed by the adoption social worker.

Who attends an Adoption Activity Day?

Children who have a plan for adoption in place. The children that attend the Adoption Activity Days are a diverse group of children from a variety of ages.

Foster carers accompany children they are caring for to the Adoption Activity Day.

Children’s social workers attend to talk to adopters about the children at the Adoption Activity Day.

Adopters attend the Adoption Activity Day and may be accompanied by their social worker. Adopters may also bring their own children with them so as to involve them in the adoption process.

Volunteers who facilitate activities and support individuals.

Upcoming Adoption Activity Days:

Saturday 15 June  Nottingham

Saturday 13 July – London

Saturday 21 September – Cheshire

Saturday 19 October – West Midlands

Saturday 23 November – London

Saturday 25 January – Nottingham

Saturday 22 February – London

Saturday 29 March – Cheshire

Want to know more?

If you’re interested in finding out more about Activity Days, please email